We are one of the leading Business Software Solution company provider in Ghana. We provide HR and Payroll Software, Accounting Software, Hotel Management..
Best Software Provider in Ghana | On Track Consults
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We Help Automate

Your Business

If you need a robust system to Automate Your Accounting Processes , Payroll/HR Needs, Restaurant, Hotel, Pharmacies, Supermaket , we have got it, just talk to us..

On Track Consults offers smart ICT solutions that help businesses automate financial processes with ease.

We partner with the best in the industry in getting robust, cutting edge software and systems to help give stakeholders a bird’s eye view of their business.

You have the luxury of Focusing on Growing Your business while our solutions take care of your most important area: Finance.

Payroll & HR Software

Aruti is an Integrated, Flexible and Affordable Human Resources and Payroll Management System designed with developing countries like Ghana in mind., ideal for managing organization’s most valuable assets the “Human Capital”.  Read More

Hotel Software

eZee FrontDesk is a state-of-art property management system that enables hotels and hotel chains to run business operations more efficiently and effectively.Read More

Restaurant Software

eZee’s Restaurant POS will easily let you manage multitude of food and beverage services at your at a typical Restaurant or a Hotel. Suitable for Restaurants, Bars, Cafe, or any other type of food and beverage service.   Read More

Pharmacy & Supermarket Software

Our Pos system helps you keep an accurate Track of Sales, How Much Money Came In and How Many Items Are Left In The Store among other interesting features. Read More

Spa & Salon Software

We implement the best Spa and Salon Management Systems by far. Very Robust, Easy to Use and with excellent features and great reports. Read More

 Accounting Softwares

QuickBooks is the most Robust and user friendly software around today. Having been in existence for well over 30  years, QuickBooks is a System you can trust to help krun your operations without. Read More

 School Management Software

Perfect software for managing your data while running a school or an institute. Manage complex fee structures, student records, library and other inventory too.  Read More

eZee in a snapshot

We have solutions for any business size, be it Small or Large.

OnTrack Consults

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If you can’t get us by Phone, just drop us a message, we’ll get back to you.