Spa & Salon Software
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Spa & Salon Software

We implement the best Spa and Salon Management Systems by far. Very Robust, Easy to Use and with excellent features and great reports.

Our POS software is a completely hassle-free retail system that does most of the work for you!


Track sales, inventory, orders, and even set up product reorder reminders when stocks get low. With a barcode scanner, you can easily scan products at checkout, and we’ll automatically update your inventory.

Our Salon POS has it all to support your Salon or Spa needs


Salon was built with YOU in mind.

Information is much easier to understand if we have visual representation. Therefore we made color-coded calendar to help you manage the appointments, scheduling, check-in, billing, etc.

Together with these salon will also help you manage inventory, accounting, coupons, gift cards, loyalty, taxation, etc.

Automated Salon software to cater to your needs beyond appointment booking and POS


Salon not only helps you make appointments, you can send out sms/email notifications to customers regarding their appointment schedule. Reschedule the appointments by checking the availability of your staff.

Complete accounting system to manage staff service commissions and payroll. Manage inventory for the products as retail business along with the products used for the services provided.


You'll have a dashboard that will show you the day's appointments, a workflow display that shows you status of an ongoing appointment, and the ability to set your own color schemes!


Salon manages each employee's expertise, work shifts, and days off. Now, you'll always know who is working at the salon at a specific time


Allow your customers to enroll for a loyalty point system as well as discount coupons. All made easy by Salon.


Salon lets you manage service packages for specific time periods. It helps you with gift cards, too.

Features that makes a difference.


You’ll wonder how it got so easy.

Calendar interface

Customize the calendar to view your upcoming appointments in day, week and month view. Configure starting day and weekly holidays .

Keep track of Resources

Manage resources like hair dryers , pedicure chairs, room or a space to perform the service. You can easily check their availability when you book the appointment.

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule an appointment by selecting customer and service. Reschedule appointment with simple drag & drop. Assign multiple service providers


Create customized packages and set expiry date .Sell packages and track usage. Option to activate/deactivate particular package as and when required.

Manage Appointments

Notify your customer and service provider when an appointment is booked or changed. Record and track no-show or cancelled appointments.

Offers & Coupons

Create your own sales promotions, offer discounts, coupons or gift cards to increase your sales

Point of Sale

Sell products and service. Supports multiple modes of payment cash, card, bank transfer, gift card, check. Accept split payments like half in cash and half in card.

SMS Integration

Send out personalized SMS to your customers customers to announce new packages, new launches and special offers.

Financial Accounting

An in-built financial accounting system that tracks transactions from sales, purchase, inventory, payroll, and expenses to give you a complete picture of your company's financial status .

Employee Commission

Define employee roles and set commission for services and products. Get reports with details of services given with total amount

Inventory management

Provides many intuitive ways of managing, tracking and correcting your stock. Maintain stock levels of required products based on your business needs. Get notifications about low stock to reorder stock.

Time Clock

With built-in time clock record and track employee work hours.


Get customized reports for sales, customer, employee and stock insights. Get your business reports anywhere anytime.

Online /Offline

Continue billing in offline when the internet is slow/down. Sync back all offline data to server when the internet is back.

Graphs & Dashboard

Graphs and Dashboard feature gives you a snapshot of different areas of your business. This will let you quickly see how you are doing.

Access Rights

Continue billing in offline when the internet is slow/down. Sync back all offline data to server when the internet is back.

Take Your Salon Online


Give your customer ease of taking appointments with your own online booking website.


Integrate your in-store Salon POS System with online booking website without any hassle. The customer can book appointments physically as well as online seamlessly. Salon manages your online and in-store business and inventory solution in one single integrated database!


Can’t wait? Neither can we! Get Salon to start running your salon the right way.