Pharmacy & Supermarket Software
Point of Sale Software, Supermarket Software, Pharmacy Software in Ghana
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Pharmacy & Supermarket Software

Our Pos system helps you keep an accurate Track of Sales, How Much Money Came In and How Many Items Are Left In The Store among other interesting features. You can generate daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports without worrying of your figures since our POS software are designed for high degree of accuracy.

Inventory tracking.
Our POS system inform you if you have enough stocks in your store or other branches, and if more stocks are needed.


Reporting and Analytics.
Data is just a bunch of disparate figures and serves no purpose without a powerful analytics and reporting system that can extract relevant information to reveal trends, strengths, weaknesses and solutions. This feature allows you to capture and analyze vital data on product sales, inventory suppliers and customers. You can easily identify slow moving items and best sellers.


Simplified Multiple CheckOut:
Our POS system offers simplified checkout process making it easier to train new cashiers and also ensuring that customers don’t spend too much time waiting to pay. We also offer Multiple Payment Methods such As Cash, Debit / Credit Card , Mobile Money and more.


Customer management.
Our POS system store and maintain customer’s full purchase history that you can access on your dashboard. You can access customer information anytime and gauge who among them are your most valuable customers. You can also track and reward customer loyalty.


Employee management.
This allows you to efficiently manage your employees’ time and optimize productivity by keeping track of when and what your employees are working on.


Defined Permissions & User access.
We offer very comprehensive security rights which ensures employees don’t have access to areas they are not permitted to operate. For instance, a sales person can be prevented from adjusting anything to do with stock and be limited to just selling.


Integration capability.
You can integrate our POS software with accounting systems to create comprehensive financial reports.


Even with all the powerful features tucked into POS software, it is relatively cheaper than other sales apps and business productivity software.


Custom Barcodes:
Create your own in-house barcodes from the system directly.


Robustness & Reliability:
Our POS system have been tried and tested for over a decade thus you can be assured of little or no down town. The system is so robust dependable and reliable that you don’t have to worry about system going off or freezing in the middle of sales like other new systems.


Accuracy & Efficiency.
Completing the entire transaction process is way much faster with our POS system which translates to quicker turnover and more customers serviced in much shorter time. This is just one area among many others that our POS system can impact significantly, contributing to efficiency in operation and boosting company revenues.The use of a barcode scanner makes it even faster and more accurate


Manage Multiple Locations.
A particular challenge for businesses that have outlets in several locations is having consistent pricing of products across all its stores. Our POS software can take care of that by allowing business owners or managers access to a central product database where they can modify prices or special deals and apply the changes automatically across all store locations. Pricing affects customer service and having consistency in this area ensures that your customers get the same level of service no matter at what store location they are.


Multiple Units of Measure.
Organize your stocks into units of measures with ease. That means you can price a bottle of Coke differently from a crate of coke.